About Us

Eat more of a good thing.

About Us

Our passion is for sharing the healthy Mediterranean dishes and spices that are abundant in my home country Jordan and to spread the awareness about healthy eating.

My Mediterranean homeland has an apricot sun, a globe that deepens to orange just before it sets. I grew up under that vibrant sun, cooking warm, flavorful home recipes handed down for generations. Now my family can bring you our naturally healthy herbs & spices and heritage dishes, calibrated to fuel your active life. Prepared in small batches and precisely crafted, so you can relax and savor your own little taste of the Mediterranean. 

Sahtein (to your health!)

– photography by michaeldurr.com


Marlen Wensel

I arrived in the United States from Jordan in 2003. My search was for new opportunities and higher education. My passion is to share the unique Mediterranean flavors I grew up having that were passed down for generations in my family. 
After completing Master’s degree in Food Science at Drexel University, I started on the career path of quality assurance in the food & beverage industry. From 2008 to 2012, I worked for Nestle, USA where I led a food safety validation team, delivering microbial challenge studies for FDA review and production line approvals. From there I worked for ConAgra Foods as quality assurance supervisor leading teams and delivering towards quality standards. I then worked for Weston Foods as food safety auditor. I reviewed supplier manufacturing practices, their ingredients, and food packaging for use in 46 production facilities. I left Weston Foods to start up my family business alongside my husband Robert and our two sons. We established Apricot Sun in April of 2017 selling fresh Mediterranean meals at farmers markets.

Throughout the years, my love for Zaatar herb & spice blend continued to grow because of its uniqueness & diversity of use. I was not able to find the same flavor and quality I grew up enjoying in my home country, which led my husband and I to start mixing our own in 2019, marking the first company in the Mid-West to make Zaatar. 

During my career, talented friends and great mentors have surrounded me. My professional experience, personality, and drive to improve enable me to partner and collaborate positively with others. Let me know how we can work together to elevate the flavors of your dishes or your customers’ food creations with Zaatar!