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Charcuterie Board Sauce

Say hello to the original Charcuterie Board Sauce! While preparing charcuterie boards, our customers have always found cheeses, meats, crackers, veggies, and a sweet spread readily available, but always needed that next level sauce! 


Welcome the original Charcuterie Board Sauce with your needs in mind. Helping you add more flavor and dimension to your charcuterie boards. Charcuterie Board Sauce elevates the flavors with its balanced spices & herbs and has made it a staple with every avid chef, butcher shop and culinary class creating that next level charcuterie board. 


All natural ingredients along with Zero Sugar, and Gluten Free!  Every social gathering is starting to recognize that no charcuterie board is ready to be served without the original Charcuterie Board Sauce!

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We are fully committed to providing the highest quality products to our retail partners and customers. 

Join the many restaurants, markets, and retailers selling our deliciously original Charcuterie Board Sauces! 

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Our story starts with
great passion for good food.

Apricot Sun is an entrepreneurial venture that started because of the scarcity of Mediterranean seasonings available at retail stores in Indiana and beyond. Our mission is to make available the authentic Mediterranean flavors along with recipes that satisfy and nourish.  

After loyal customers have tried our sauce, they found it to be spot on in texture and flavor to complement their charcuterie board creations.  And so, Charcuterie Board Sauce was created!
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